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TITHAKA is a leading professional services company in Cambodia specializing in language translation, culturally appropriate interpretation and visa application counseling. We provide our clients with premium quality, highly accurate, confidential and timely service. With our in-house translation team, along with our professional network of legal, business, marketing, medical, and media translators, the accurate translation of your document is guaranteed.
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Accuracy: Seamless quality is our priority. Your documents are translated and proofread by an experienced and qualified team prior to their submission. Accuracy and cultural appropriateness are assured.

Fast: Our processing speed is the highest in the industry. Same day translation is available for certain types of documents.

Confidentiality and Care: We care about your satisfaction and we acknowledge the importance of your documents and the need for confidentiality. All documents are securely stored and treated with care.

Highest Standard: We strive for continued excellence and are proud to support the operating standards of the international translation organizations we are members of, including the American Translators Association in the U.S. and the Institute of Translating and Interpreting in the U.K.

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