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By : Tithaka Team
On : 2019-12-03 17:05:46

Document translation is common and, surprisingly, whether you are a student studying abroad or businessperson who wants to lease your properties, it is important you get certain documents translated. If it is your first time getting your documents translated, you might question what translation agency provides. Thus, this article will briefly tell you what types of documents they translate and if there are any services they have.

Here are the 2 points you need to know before going more specific into the company. 

  1. What is Translation Agency? 

Have you ever heard of the word “translation agency” before? If you keep up with exchange program or scholarship information, you definitely have seen many of it. Well, the word means exactly as it sounds. Specifically, it refers to the company that handles translation of various documents ranging from business-related to study report. 

  1. Why is it important? 

Translation agency is especially needed to interpret legal, public, and private documentation accurately and precisely. It is very important for students, parents, and businessmen to get their documents translated in advance before studying or operating their transaction overseas. Land owner who wishes to rent or sell their properties to a foreigner will also be required to get their contracts interpreted formally. 

What does translation agency provide? 

The agency provide translation service of every kind of documents, including: 

  • General document: refers to the common record we encounter in our daily lives. It is very essential since we need it in almost every transaction in the society. General document can be divided into 3 categories: 

  • Academic: the document concerning academic information, performance, and studying status of students. Those are certification letter, thesis, journal, book report, academic achievement, transcript, and so on. Some of the mentioned documents are extremely vital if you are considering studying abroad either via exchange programs or scholarships. 

  • Business: business-related information including invoice, quotation, proposal, packing slip, financial statement, business’ report…. These documents are typical both when doing trade with customers, suppliers and when welcoming a new investor. 

  • Government: the document involving the state such as identity document, license, family book, birth certificate, constitutional document, manifesto, summon. Family book, identity documents and birth certificates are the main required documents when it comes to traveling or studying overseas.

  • Legal document: a formal legal information that grants or proves the grant of a right. It includes complaint, police report, contract, easement, mortgage, articles of incorporation, bylaw, partnership agreement, will etc. All of these documents are significant, specifically, without a proper will, your estates may not go to your loved ones; your spouse may not receive your entire asset. Moreover, your legacy may go to others through remarriage, divorce, or liability. Similarly, contracts made carelessly will also affect the aftermath. Tenant may leave before the deadline and house owner might not receive a single penny for deposit. That is why it is important to make sure that the documents are being translated, if required, accurately and precisely. 

  • Poster: large or small published printed picture used as advertisement, promotion of products, or decoration. Usually, posters may be entirely textual, graphic, or both. They are intended to deliver different messages. Some posters are designed for financial purposes (selling, advertising goods), a few for social benefit (reminding people the danger of cigarettes, alcoholic drinks), while some are for political interest (propagandize, protest). No matter what types the posters are, all of them should be designed, made, and translated cautiously so that they can spread the expected messages.  

Does translation agency only translate? 

Besides interpreting, some translation agencies also provides:

  • Visa applying application service: the service provided to help customers complete and apply for visa. People are mostly seen having troubles with getting a visa to go abroad that they fail many times. That’s why we highly recommend them to contact the translation agency that offers this service for a better likelihood. 

  • Counseling service: people can feel free to ask questions regarding travelling abroad procedures and its required documentation during the counseling service. Normally, clients would receive a counseling lecture for 15 min more or less based on their specific cases. 

Where to get more information?

After reading, is there any document you want to translate? Don’t wait until it’s time. To prevent inconvenience, it’s better to prepare your translated document in advance before setting off. For more information regarding professional translation and visa application counseling, you can contact TITHAKA Visa and Translation via http://www.tithaka.com/ or 010 636 300.