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By : Tithaka Team
On : 2020-06-30 15:42:46

Some Cambodian people can find themselves needing to translate documents such as Family Record Book, Residence Book, contracts and many other documents occasionally. Other Cambodian people run their own businesses. There is no doubt they often have documents to translate. Besides, some Cambodian students need to apply for visas and translate documents to study abroad. Consequently, there is a question of whether we should seek self-translations or agencies for translating those documents. Here in this article, we are going to compare self-translations and agency-translations and consider whether which one is really worth your time or budget.

1.     Is It Accurate?

Even though, there is no serious study about how many Cambodian people know, understand and can translate from English to Khmer texts and vice versa; we are sure that there is a considerable number of Cambodian people who know English very well. Therefore, there is no wonder that many Cambodian people want to try translating documents by themselves.

Regardless, translating documents require skills and experience besides English knowledge, so the translation texts can be accurate. Although, there is a considerable number of Cambodian people who know English very well; not many people have the skills and experience that can take years. Hence, we likely encourage you to seek translation services from translation agencies because of their skills and experience.

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2.     Is It Fast or on Time?

Here, it is a matter of productivity. Some Cambodian people can translate documents accurately by themselves. Regardless, it can only be a small number of documents to be translated. You can easily find yourselves procrastinated and translate documents not fast or efficient enough. You can miss the deadlines easily if you want to apply for visas to live abroad and want to try self-translations.

It is different with translations by agencies, nonetheless. Because Cambodian people pay those agencies some fees for translations, you have the negotiation power to keep sure the translation works are on time. We don’t have doubt that those agencies need to manage their time effectively through experience and training and keep sure the works are done earlier or on time. Here, it is about their businesses. If their works are not on time, they can run out of businesses easily with very competitions.

3.     Is It Smooth or Easy?

Translating simple documents such as ID cards can be very easy because they are a small number of texts. Nevertheless, translating legal documents can be difficult because you need to know the context and need to translate accurately words by words.

As a result, we encourage you to seek translation services from agencies. We should not forget that they run the businesses because they have skills, experiences and recognitions from relevant authorities. As a result, they can translate those difficult texts more easily than those of us who want to do self-translation. There is without a doubt with this matter, as a result.

4.     Is It Cost-Saving?

We have some good reasons for doing self-translations because they are cost-saving. We don’t need to spend a penny on translations offered by agencies. No matter what, self-translations are good for you only when you can get accurate translations, and you don’t procrastinate your ways of translating those documents. Meanwhile, some people can think twice during their process of translating documents when they figure out that it is not easy to translate those documents.

Besides, when some companies offer great services with expensive fees, a translation company like Tithaka Visa & Translation offers exceptional services with affordable fees. Even though, agency-translations are not cheap and not as cost-saving as self-translations; we get the best customer services and accurate translations delivered by the translation company with an affordable price range.

5.     Is It Approved?

If you want to apply for visas to live or study abroad, you need to know that some embassies only authorize specific translation agencies and often ignore or reject self-translation; even though, the self-translating works are accurate and on time.

There is a strong reason for this. Those embassies have many applications to review every day. Consequently, they don’t have enough time or manpower to check whether your self-translating visa applications are accurate or not. They need to rely on some agencies which they had authorized earlier to process your visa applications fast. Cambodian people have many chances of being rejected or failed for your visa applications if you self-translate your documents.


What Should You Get from the Article?

In the article, Cambodian people get to compare self-translation and translations by a travel consultant and/or translation company. Out of five questions, we get to know that agency-translations are better than self-translations because they are accurate, on time, smooth and authorized by relevant authorities. Self-translations don’t cost you a cent, but when things get hard to translate, you can think twice about those affordable translation services, without a doubt.

When we encourage you to seek translation services, please feel free to seek those services from us Tithaka Visa & Translation, a professional team of translators and travel consultants recognized by various embassies and many translation organizations such as the American Translator Association. Please visit the company on the 9th Floor, B-Ray Tower, Preah Norodom Blvd, Tonle Bassak Commune, Chamkamorn District, Phnom Penh (map here) or call 089 99 90 14/ 010 63 63 00. Our Facebook page is https://web.facebook.com/TithakaCambodia/.